Lakshmi-Rieter and Rieter
Carding machine, Draw Frame, Simplex, Ring Spinning and all makes of cone winding machine spares and accessories


 Flyers, Top arms and Holders
Simplex flyers and Spinning and Simplex top arm service.Textool and RJK cone holder service.


Our assurance for Mills
We assure, whatever spinning mill spares supply or services we provide will be of 100% quality and perfect.


Unmatched support
We do not stop with supplying spares. we also serve spinning mills with outsourcing products for them.

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We are one of the leaders of quality spinning mill spares and parts manufacturers in Coimbatore, the Manchester of South India.

Quality, Reliability and efficiency is our Mantra. Our Quality spinning mill spares and parts are supplied to cotton and synthetic spinning mills in India and abroad.

We are manufacturers and also representatives of yarn spinning mill spares, parts, accessories and equipments.

We are Specialists in LR G5/1 and LR 6 ring spinning machinery spares and parts and also source quality spares and parts for spinning mill machineries from local manufacturers upon request by our customers

Following Machinery Spares are supplied by us.


  • L.R. Carding spares ( C 1/2,and C 1/3 )
  • Lakshmi- Rieter Draw Frame spare Parts
  • Lakshmi- Rieter and Textool simplex machinery Spares
  • lakshmi- Rieter and textool Ring spinning spares
  • Textool and RJK Cone winding machinery spares
  • General sppares and Accessories

Textile Spares

For Following Machines

L- R carding Spares
 Lakshmi-Rieter C 1/3 Model Carding machines and equipments.

L-R Draw Frame Spares
 DO 2 S and LR RSB drawing spares and parts available against Catalog Numbers

L-R Simplex Sapres
RieterGS and GS and LF 1400 and LF 1400-A Model Speed Frame Spares

L-R Spinning Spares
 G 5/1 and, LR 6 and LR 6 S model Ring spinning spares, accessories are available.

All makes Cone winding Spares and Accesories.
Textool and RJK make and other cone winding spares..

Company Motto
  • Quality Spares

  • Reasonable Price

  • On Time Delivery

Textile Spares

Mobile: 98650 54583

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